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Questions about the Java developer position

Key missions

Technical & business needs gathering

The first step when working on a project is to gather the requirements of everyone involved, prioritize the important tasks, determine the overall scope of work and the process to be followed. 


Structuring the project

A key function that Java developers provide during project development.



In this phase, the Java developer writes the program code, tests it and makes changes if necessary.



This task involves testing and debugging each feature once it is completed.



In this phase, fully functional code is transferred to a live environment.

Other responsibilities of the Java developer include software maintenance and optimization, project management, leadership and liaison, and vendor management. 


The skills of a good Java developer

Java developers must possess a wide range of skills, from a strong knowledge of the basics to a deep understanding of innovations. Java experts are also expected to know how the development process works and how to transition between environments where code runs.

A senior Java developer has skills as a full stack Java developer and a backend Java developer.  

The technologies to know for a java developer in 2022


Servlets, EJB, JSP and J2EE are the most sought after technologies in 2022 for Java developers in 2022.


Database Management

An experienced Java developer is proficient in a wide range of these systems, including MySQL, Oracle and MongoDB.

Enterprise system architecture models

This includes database design, data modeling, unit testing, performance monitoring and tuning.


Senior Java developers with Agile experience are preferred candidates.


The libraries to know in 2022

We find Spock, Gradle and Spring in the top of the most demanded libraries.

Other programming languages, such as SQL python, javascript, c, and c++ are also to be preferred to complete one's expertise as a Java developer.

The average salary of a Java developer in 2022


In France, the average salary of a Java developer is 45 000€ gross/year and can exceed 70 000€ gross/year for a senior developer.


North America

The average salary for a mid-level Java developer is $92290 per year in the United States and exceeds 100k for a senior profile.


In Europe

On average in Europe and depending on the country the salary of a java developer varies between 40k and 100k depending on the profile and seniority