React/JavaScript Developer

React/JavaScript Developer

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React/JavaScript Developer
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée


Founded in 2013, our client is a digital agency specialising in the design and development of innovative, high-performance and customised mobile and web applications. A dynamic team is involved from the definition of customer needs to the realization and distribution of solutions on smartphones, tablets, kiosks, PC...

The clients of this start-up are both renowned groups and promising start-ups. But whatever the size, whatever the project, they are there to make their dreams come true!

But what they sell above all is know-how.

This start-up excels in one area: digital. And everything that surrounds it: UX/UI, design, architecture, development.... This is their differentiating factor and what their clients come for.

As they can afford it, they offer a relaxed, human and human-sized working environment (Plaine Images next to Lille). Their values range from fun at work, passion, achievement, fun, curiosity, personality and not forgetting quality.


As part of a SCRUM-oriented team, you will be able to :

  • Develop web interfaces that meet our clients' needs. Many projects, varied, which will allow you to discover completely different universes (from business applications, retail, board games, iOT...).
  • Working on a flagship product. For a larger project, you will be able to participate in the architectural choices, define the technologies used, the processes to be put in place to ensure maintainability, and many other things.

In a technological environment :

  • Javascript / Typescript
  • React 17 / NodeJS / SCSS
  • Redux / React Router / Redux Thunk /
  • Webpack Babel / Git
  • It is / Storybook
  • Azure Devops / Microsoft Azure
  • Material UI



  • If Javascript has become your second language and you master concepts such as "Redux" or "Unidirectional data flow", then you are the person we are looking for.
  • If you like to discover different universes, this is a good opportunity! Our client makes applications for everyone: from start-ups to large groups, from the automotive sector to board games and banks.
  • If you have a line in your CV that mentions React JS, you like technical challenges and working in a team.

If on top of all this :

  • You have experience in API development in C#, that's great (but not a must).
  • Our client is a big fan of board games and Mario Kart, so we hope you still have your childlike spirit.

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