Senior Fullstack Java / Angular Developer

Senior Fullstack Java / Angular Developer

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Senior Fullstack Java / Angular Developer
Contrat à Durée Indéterminée


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Anywr is looking for Full Stack JAVA developers for French Digital Services Companies (DSC).


Tasks :

You will work in teams with recognised know-how on projects for major clients. You will be in direct contact with your clients' users and major clients, and will be positioned on innovative and high value-added technological subjects.

This description takes into account the main responsibilities; it varies according to the project and is not restrictive.


Profil :

You have a higher technical education at Bac +5 level (engineering school or university course) and you have at least 3 years of significant experience in development. You have acquired expertise in the following tools and technologies

Languages and frameworks :

  • Analyse customer needs to understand the functional and technical requirements of development projects.
  • Designing software architectures for web applications and APIs, using technologies such as Spring, Hibernate and JPA.
  • Develop front-end functionality for web applications using Angular, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Develop back-end functionality using Java, Spring, Hibernate, JPA and SQL for databases.
  • Write unit tests to ensure code quality and reliability of functionality.
  • Participate in code reviews to ensure the quality and consistency of the code developed.
  • Collaborate with other team members, including UX/UI designers, project managers and testers to ensure effective coordination of software development.
  • Document code, functionality and configurations to facilitate maintenance and scalability of the code.
  • Monitor the performance of the application and make optimisations where necessary.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technologies, trends and good practices in development to improve the quality and efficiency of work.

You are passionate about your work and have the ability to make proposals. You are known for your ability to develop within a team and around common projects. Determined, you have a strong capacity to adapt and you are able to integrate very quickly into a new environment.

Languages: Fluent French, Technical English

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